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Men tanker er fri, str 40x60 pris 2.500,-

My own time, str 75x75 pris 7.000,-

Best memories, str 75x75 pris 7.000,-

Stille morgen #2 str 40x60 pris 2.500,-

Stille morgen #1, str 40x60 pris 2.500,-

Come play with me, str 100x140 pris 13.000,-

Women, women, women, str 90x90 pris 9.000,-

Plads til frihed, str 40x60 pris 2.500,-

In a heartbeat, str 100x140 pris 13.000,-

my heart went wild, str 70x140 pris 11.000,-

Tear down the wallls, str 90x120 pris 11.000,-

Coming and going, str 90x120 pris 11.000

In your loving mind, str 150x200 pris 23.000,-

view from your balcony, str 90x120 pris 10.000

In your loving mind, str 150x200 pris 23.000,-

Last dance, str 90x120 pris 11.000,-

image1 (1)

wow cow, str 90x90 pris 8.000,-


The nerve to act, str 100x140 pris 14.000,-

Every little thing is magic, str 75X75, pris 6.000,-


Out of reach, str 100x140 pris 13.000,-

Soft wind, str 100x140 pris 14.000,-

Flowering love, str 70x90 pris 6.000,-

Come along, str 70x90 pris 6.000,-

Love explotion, str 100x100, pris 10.000,-

Expand imagination, str. 100x100 pris 10.000,-


Milky way str 40x50 pris 1.900,- ( i aluramme)/ sætpris 2.900,-


Silvermoon str 40x50 pris 1.900,- (i aluramme) sætpris 2.900,-

2 stk 40x50 akryl i aluramme, Sæt pris 2.900,-

Feel it now, 40x40 ,solgt

Feel it again, 40x40 solgt

Din vægmaling kan fremhæve farverne i dit maleri.

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